1. Please read the contents of [Pre-purchase Rule] before purchase. The pre-order instructions are equivalent to the sale and purchase agreement. If you can not accept the following contract, please take the order on our Amazon website.
  2. If you pre-order our goods, it is deemed that you have read and accepted the following contract contents, that is, the contract is effective.
  3. Reiterate and Remind : Please think twice before pre-order, and confirm that the goods are what you want. If you still have doubts about the products, please contact us first to for details.
  4. Our Pre-order goods are buyout products, please pay in full when ordering.
  5. Pre-order period: The period of Pre-Order is 6/4-6/11, and our pre-order our goods will ship at 6/20 . If you exceed the pre-order deadline, please visit our Amazon product page to purchase.
  6. Date of arrival of the goods:
    This product is not returnable. If you finish the order, we will not accept cancel of order due to delay of shipping time, and unwilling to wait.
    Please leave your email when ordering, we will send confirmation notice and product tracking code.(6/20)