Ways to solve Clogged Gutters blockage

Ways to solve Clogged Gutters blockage

What to do when your downspout is clogged!!

In recent years, having rooftop farms has become a trend in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. By utilizing the unique rooftop spaces, people in urban cities have more chances to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit or taste the real fresh products which are planted on the rooftop. While collection of rainwater for these farms are important, people definitely do not want their living places have “water issues” such as leaking roof just above their heads!

solve drain pipe blockage

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what causes damaged or blocked gutters?

Many tin houses or houses with pitched roof designs will have design of drainage ditch, heavy rain down the roof first flow to the eaves drainage guide ditch, and then from the drainage guide ditch to the vertical clogged gutters blockage to the ground drainage. In order to prevent vertical drainage pipe blockage, the entrance of the drain pipe is usually added “drop head” to prevent large areas of leaf clutter and logistics into the water pipe blocking the flow of water.













The reason why people install rainwater head on the drain pipes is to allow water/rain flows freely while preventing leaves and other garden debris from blocking the pipes. However, there are still circumstance that pipes could be blocked. For instance, some birds even build their nests inside the pipes.

 solve Clogged Gutters blockage

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What is the best way to prevent clogged gutters?

  1. Use gauze or shop in drainage guide
  2. Use plastic sheets with grids in the drainage guide
  3. Use  drain cover

Drain Cover- solve Clogged Gutters blockage


Through the Drain cover to prevent clogged gutters!

With the help of Drain Cover First Generation, you will not have drainage problems in rainy days. It prevents flooding by diverting rainwater. It also keeps your drains clear of leaves and other debris.

Besides, it can withstand strong winds. Above all it is durable and will not embrittle easily. No fixing required! All you need to do is to place the Drain Cover First Generation on the ground! With this excellent product, you can go travelling anytime without worrying overflow at your home!

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