Dome Drain Covers Have Design of Movable Fences

Applicable to any type of ground


   It is difficult to installation a general drain covers on uneven surface ground or soft ground like snowfield, muddy ground. But Dome Drain Covers have movable fences can more fitting and can effectively block trash than general drain covers. Moreover, our product doesn’t need to intricately install, just put it on any type ground, and you can find Dome Drain Covers’ amazing effect!  It is easy to use!

The Dome Drain Covers pass several quality tests, it can resist to wind strength range level 12 and temperature range -40℃~70℃.

    In addition, the drain covers are made of ABS UV-resistant materials so these don’t be brittle under the sunlight.  The product is absolutely unrestricted for any type ground and general environment!

Patent design – special fences effectively block trash

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